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    Brian Bellenger, who has died, aged 76, was a pioneering caddie who earned a unique place in golfing history by working for both a winning European and United States Ryder Cup team. “Big...
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    Hi, and Welcome to The European Tour Caddies Association website. Although the basis of the site it to aid E.T.C.A. Members it also has some access for the general golfing public. The main topic of...
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What we are all about

The European Tour Caddies Association (ETCA) is a volunteer-based organisation, setup for the sole purpose of looking after the interests of it’s members, the professional golf caddies of the European Tour.

In an average year, the European Tour will attend tournaments in over 25 different countries worldwide, ranging from the European Continent, China, South Africa, the Middle East, Far East and USA.

With such a global schedule, one of the E.T.C.A  main aims is to liaise with the European Tour on all matters relating to travel & visa requirements, accommodation and transportation.
At each and every tournament we have further communication with the official Tournament Directors and Promoters, to ensure adequate facilities for all of our members during the tournament week..

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